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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from the Point of Single Contact Rheinland-Pfalz?

The Point of Single Contact helps foreigners from all countries, who want to get their certificates and professional qualifications accredited for finding paid work or self-employment.

It supports individuals or companies, who want to become self-employed in obtaining the required permits and licences from the concerned authorities. It is not only available for domestic start-ups and companies of all kinds, but also for all foreign companies from both the European Union and the world over.

It provides information and advice. It can handle a part of the administrative procedure on behalf of the Applicants, so that they do not need to directly contact the different authorities.

In what matters can the Point of Single Contact Rheinland-Pfalz provide assistance?

The Point of Single Contact can assist in all procedures and formalities required for taking up and executing business operations, as well as for accreditation of foreign professional qualifications.

This considerably simplifies the effort of Applicants as they only need to get in touch with the Point of Single Contact, which takes care of further communication with the concerned authorities.

The Point of Single Contact:

  • procures all information on relevant administrative and approval procedures, on the concerned authorities, forms to be submitted, compulsory deadlines, costs incurred, etc.,
  • provides all of the documents required for an approval procedure, such as the necessary forms - also as soft copy,
  • enables complete administrative procedure by electronic means, e.g. by email or on the Internet,
  • offers simple and uncomplicated contact with the concerned authorities,
  • assumes complete correspondence related to the administrative procedure,
  • aims at speedy and proper execution of procedures with the concerned authorities and
  • provides information on the current status.
What does using the services of the Point of Single Contact Rheinland-Pfalz cost?

Both simple information and advice and the accompaniment of complex administrative procedures by the Points of Single Contact are free-of-charge.

However, charges may apply to the handling of administrative procedures at the concerned authorities, which are then payable by the Applicant. The Point of Single Contact will be glad to tell you the expected fees incurred by the Applicant in the event of handling the administrative procedure.

In what language can one communicate with the Point of Single Contact Rheinland-Pfalz?

In addition to German, translations into English or French can also be selected in the language selection menu. You also can contact the Point of Single Contact in these three languages by telephone, mail or online enquiries.

The procedure itself can currently be handled only in German.

How can the Point of Single Contact Rheinland-Pfalz be appointed?

The Applicant need not specifically commission the Point of Single Contact to accompany an administrative procedure.

However, this requires setting up an electronic mailbox, which ensures secure transport of data from the Applicant to the Point of Single Contact and vice versa.

First-time sign-up is required for setting up the electronic mailbox.