Chambers and professional associations

Comprehensive information, careful planning and expert advice are the basis for the establishment and maintenance of successful self-employment. Chambers and professional organisations are the stakeholders of the self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs, who offer a variety of services, beyond business establishment.

Chambers are occupational bodies on a statutory basis. They are usually organised under public law and perform tasks of professional self-administration. Mostly, there is a statutory requirement to membership if you belong to the concerned professional category.

Professional associations are private corporations that aim to represent and promote the interests of a particular professional category. Professional associations are a form of groups with common interest. Larger professional organisations may include regional or thematic sub-organisations (sections, working committees, working groups). Membership is voluntary.

The following links give you access to the chambers and professional organisations responsible for the State of Rheinland-Pfalz: (These links lead to ranges of information that are mostly available only in German)

Use the following links to access selected professional associations: